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Human Nutrition and Health products (HNH)

Maridav supplies top quality Vitamins, Vitamin Premixes, Neutraceuticals and Flavours to manufacturers of Food, Beverages, Drugs and Personal Care products. We are the Country Representative for DSM Nutritional Products; the world’s leading producer of Vitamins. Maridav’s Human, Nutrition and Health division has been ardently involved in developments in human nutrition and has over the years made significant contributions in local nutrition improvement programs. In 2006, Maridav and DSM partnered with the Food and Drugs Board in the development and inception of FDB’s mandatory flour fortification program.
Currently DSM supplies Vitamin premixes to the World Food Program (WFP) which are used to fortify the food provided in the Ghana School Feeding Program and also for its other nutrition improvement programs. DSM also provides both Vitamin and Mineral premixes to manufacturers of processed staples contracted by WFP. Maridav and its partners look forward to the opportunity to develop/improve products with local manufacturers of Food, Beverage, Drug and Personal Care Products.