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Product Description

Maridav Multi-Enzyme Blend

Enzymes are organic catalysts which are naturally occurring in the gut or biologically produced. Their function in feed is to thoroughly break down core feed ingredients (maize, soya, wheat bran, etc.) into easily absorbable nutrient forms thereby reducing the need to add excessive amounts of expensive feed additives and protein sources. This important activity helps farmers to minimize feed cost, maximize performance and reduce feed wastage which arises from expelling large quantities of undigested feed. 1.16kg Multi-enzyme blend contains 90g Ronozyme® Hiphos, 100g Ronozyme® VP and 100g Ronozyme® WX.

Maridav Multi-enzyme blend is recommended for use in Layer and broiler feed to
1. Help reduce feed cost
2. Improve nutrient digestibility 
3. Reduce excretion of unutilized nutrients

The individual enzymes in Multi-Enzyme Blend act on different substrates as follows:
RONOZYME® HIPHOS acts on the feed ingredients to release phosphorus. This exceptionally powerful feed phytase greatly increases the amount of plant phosphorus available to the animal.
RONOZYME® VP is effective on both full fats –extracted vegetable protein meals and delivers significant benefits in poultry diets.
RONOZYME® WX improves the digestibility of maize, wheat, rye, barley and cereal by-products, and results in better – performing poultry
DOSAGE: 290g of the enzyme blend per ton of feed.

'Ronozyme®' is a trademark of DSM