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Product Description

Mycofix® Secure

The leading solution to counteract aflatoxins and ergot alkaloids Mycofix® Secure is a toxin binder designed to counteract the effects of aflatoxins, ergot alkaloids and endotoxins in animal feed.

Mycofix® Secure for Poultry

Numerous experiments have shown that when mycotoxins are present in feed, adding Mycofix® to poultry diets can result in*:

  1. Higher body weight
  2. Higher daily weight gain
  3. Improvement in eggshell quality
  4. Improved feed efficiency

The science behind Mycofix® Secure

1. Adsorption

Mineral adsorbents comprising the toxin binder selectively bind adsorbable mycotoxins such as aflatoxins and ergot alkaloids.

2. Components

The high-quality bentonite (dioctaheldral montmorillonite) in Mycofix® Secure fulfils the strict requirements on aflatoxin-binding capacities (> 90%) according to the European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) method.