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Macro Premix - Maridav Ghana Limited
Macro Premix - Maridav Ghana Limited
Antibiotics and Vitamins
A complete range of therapeutic solutions
  • Antibact 3x. Colvit, Neotetravit, Vitaminolyte, Layer plus, Anti Stress C
Effective control through rotation programme
  • Amprocox, Coxisol, Avatec, Anticoc Super, Anticoc, StopCox
Mycotoxin and Anti-Parasitics
The ultimate in mycotoxin and parasite control
Mycotoxin Control
Mycofix Select
Anti parasitics
Promectine Oral
Feed Additives
Top quality for top performance
  • Layer premix, broiler premix, methionine, lysine, Di-Calcium Phosphate (DCP), Carophyll Red, Carophyll Yellow, Albac, Biotronic Top 3, Multi enzyme blend
Brochure - Maridav Ghana Limited
Download Brochure - Maridav Ghana Limited
Neotetravit - Maridav Ghana Limited
Brochure - Maridav Concentrate layermax 5% Limited
Download Brochure - Maridav Concentrate layermax 5% Limited
Get amazing results with our products
High Standard Mycotoxin Management: Safeguard the health of your chicks with the quality of your feed. Use Mycofix Select for quality mycotoxin control.
The Right Start: Support early growth and performance with Biotronic Top 3.
Improve Yolk And Skin Color: Exploring the alternatives; Carophyll® Yellow & Carophyll® Red.
Improve productivity
Nutrient Requirements: Poultry diets must be formulated to provide all of the bird's ...
Improve Feed Efficiency: Achieving optimal production and health of birds throughout the life cycle.
Strict Gut Health Management: Essential foundation for high performance and profitability in poultry production.
A way to solve two problems at once: A 1% Ivermectin oral solution for the treatment of internal and external parasites in poultry; Promectine Oral
A typical Vaccination program for broilers and layers.
Effective Worm Control: Building the foundation for performance and profitability.